Ankylosis is the stiffening and immobility of a joint due to the fusion of the bones.
Contrary to ankylosis, trismus is a temporary constriction of the jaws.


-Rigid scarring of the skin, mucosa, or muscle that limits the mouth opening.
-Temporo-mandibular ankylosis due to a fusion of the joint by bony or fibrous tissue.
-Fracture of the cheekbone.
-Bone tumor: For example, an osteoma localized in the coronoid process.


*Extra-oral exam:
While palpating the temporo-mandibular joint, a bony mass is felt.

Panoramic- Teleradiography- Scan- MRI.


1.Ankylosis in adults:
Usually, ankylosis is a complication of condylar fracture.
It is either unilateral or bilateral. The condyle is deformed and larger.

2.Ankylosis in kids:
It interferes with facial growth. It affects bone, muscles, and teeth.
-If the ankylosis is unilateral, the result is facial asymmetry and deviated chin.
-If it is bilateral, the mandible is small.


  1. Surgery: To remove the bone binding the mandible to the temporal bone.
  2. Rehabilitation: It consists of physical therapy and mobilizing devices to restore jaw movements.


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