The patient’s medical history is necessary information that every practitioner is required to know. It is also essential to update it at the beginning of every appointment.
For instance, respiratory problems increase the risk of complications during the treatment (asthma attack, asphyxia, anaphylactic choc).
A thorough interrogation ensures that the dentist is prepared for every possible situation.

Dental care for patients with respiratory problems:

-The patient is positioned at a 45° angle to facilitate breathing.

-Constant use of the suction.

-Avoid cluttering the mouth with tools to prevent an obstruction of the airway.

-The patient must be continuously monitored throughout the treatment. Consequently, the practitioner can detect any discomfort or trouble breathing.

-Establish a peaceful and stress-free environment to keep the patient calm.

-For patients with asthma, it is preferable to have their medication with them in case of a sudden asthma attack.

-The dentist is required to have an emergency kit containing everything necessary in the case of complications.


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