A dental prosthesis is an artificial appliance that restores missing teeth.
These dental appliances include:
*Complete removable prostheses.
*Partial removable prostheses.

Prosthesis, if not cleaned properly, becomes an ideal environment for food debris and bacteria to accumulate.
It can be responsible for infections and bad smells.
On the contrary, if a prosthesis is properly maintained, it can last ten years if not longer.

Key rules for prosthesis maintenance:

Clean your prosthesis every day:

Ideally, the prosthesis has to be cleaned after each meal.

When this is not possible, it is imperative to clean it before going to bed.

The prosthesis can be cleaned with an old toothbrush and mild soap.

This cleaning process can be complemented by soaking the prosthesis in solutions made specifically for its disinfection.

But, it is necessary to respect the instructions to avoid damaging it.

Clean your prosthesis in the sink to prevent it from dropping and breaking.

Finally, it must be kept in a clean and dry box. 

Removable dentures are not designed to be worn permanently:

They must be taken off at night when sleeping to prevent the compression of the gums.

For the edentulous, it is important to brush the gums with a toothbrush to eliminate food debris.

For the dentate, the remaining teeth have to be cleaned thoroughly.

Regular check-ups:

Visiting the dentist annually is necessary even for edentulous patients.

With this check-up, you can maintain healthy gums and the adjustment of your denture in the long term.



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